Technical data CL65
Maximum Flow 65 m3/h
Gravity / Airlift / Pump Fed
Pump Fed Loses 30% Flow
Installation height above water level 12 cm
Casing PP 10 mm / PP15 mm / Drum PP15 mm
Stainless steel 316/304 / Silicone seal
PP Housing cut with a CNC Machine
Standard inputs and outputs according to drawing
Changes in and outputs possible in consultation
1 x 110mm Wastewater Drain
Diameter of the drum 60 cm x 50 cm
Sieve panel 75 micron stainless steel 316
Drum Bypass 2 x 90 mm
Demountable spray bar
Removable flushing trough
Built-in flushing pump 5 Bar
Moving bed for 300 liters Helix
Built-in 35 CM . air disc
50 NM drive motor with 4 rpm
With a lid
Control box:
Automatic cleaning, plug and play by Sensor with probes
Turn/flush manual control
Spin/flush time adjustable
Flush level adjustable
Sockets for flushing pump, pond pump and drum drive motor
Standard dry-running protection for pond pump
All parts built up in modules and therefore quickly interchangeable
Supplied with comprehensive manual
With CE Mark
2 year warranty on all parts (ex. sieve elements)